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Features for Suppliers and Buyers

Activity Tracking

Capture actual activity and costs
not just what was assigned

Security Photos

Collect images with each punch for
workplace safety and accountability


Share real-time data for labor
analysis and compliance


Ensure financial controls with
accurate, system-delivered invoices


Quick historical data access in
the event of a DOL or ACA audit

Sharing Data

Easy integration with other labor
management or back office systems

Applications and Services

Available through the WorkRecords network of premier marketplace partners

For over 40 years, USAFact has been at the forefront of the background screening industry. In fact, when we first started, there was no background screening industry; we helped create it by providing the services and solutions our clients were asking for. You don't stay in the background screening industry for 40 years without knowing a thing or two about doing background screening right. USAFact's pre-employment and post-employment screening services combine the latest Internet technologies with an experienced, professional staff to deliver a proven resource to thousands of clients. Offering a variety of screening services and packages for businesses sized from global Fortune 100 companies, to small, not-for profits, and every size in between, USAFact provides services custom-tailored to our individual clients' needs. Sign up for USAFact here.
backgroundchecks.com offers a full complement of screening services including traditional criminal history services and our renowned multi-jurisdictional criminal convictions database. We understand the importance of data integrity and consistently act to ensure that your clients are getting more accurate results the first time around. backgroundchecks.com – now you know. Sign up for backgroundchecks.com here.
Checkr is the 4th largest CRA, offering compliant and nationally accredited background screening with an API driven, modern experience that makes the process simpler and more efficient for both companies and applicants. Now integrated with WorkRecords, the solution streamlines your hiring process to get great talent hired and working sooner with in-depth and accurate reports and insights. Sign up for Checkr here.

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