WorkRecords Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why would my company want to use WorkRecords?

    Because of the benefits! Click here to see the benefits of using WorkRecords, whether you are a buyer or supplier (e.g., staffing vendor) of contract labor.

  1. What are the differences between WorkRecords and Vendor Management Systems (VMS)?

    There are three main differences between WorkRecords and VMS:
    • VMS systems require every office of every supplier learn a new way to do business with every buyer on every different VMS system. WorkRecords is easy to learn and is used the same way for every buyer, everywhere. With WorkRecords, both suppliers and buyers benefit from a standard, consistent platform.

    • VMS systems are very expensive while WorkRecords is very cost-effective. For example: for a $35 per hour, 40-hour per week, 50-week per year worker, a typical VMS system costs $2,100 per year compared with WorkRecords’ cost of per $77.50 per year. Because the cost of VMS systems is so high, many buyers believe the expense of VMS finds its way into the price they pay.

    • Vendor Management Systems typically disrupt or dissolve the key relationships between the buyer managers and the local supplier serving and delivering value in a localized market. WorkRecords maintains and supports the key relationships between the buyer managers and the local supplier serving and delivering value in a localized market. WorkRecords is focused on delivering significant value to both buyers and suppliers, while VMS operationally focuses on buyers, often to the detriment of suppliers. For ten key contrasts between WorkRecords and VMS, click here.

  1. Is WorkRecords a time collection system for contract workers?

    Yes, a very efficient one that gets rid of the spreadsheet drills, endless faxes, and multiple voice mails — the “Monday time card hunt” for so many suppliers (vendors) in the staffing industry.

    WorkRecords is also designed to do much more than time collection and approval, like reporting for both buyers and suppliers. Click here to see a summary of the features, delivery, and benefits of WorkRecords to buyers and suppliers of contract labor.

  1. Why do staffing vendors use WorkRecords?

    Three main reasons:

    • To give their clients superior, on-demand self-serve reporting in their language and streamlined processes, such as time collection and approval

    • To give themselves superior, on-demand self-serve reporting in their own language and streamlined processes, such as time collection and approval

    • To grow their businesses! Buyers love to use a supplier that brings them WorkRecords because of WorkRecords’ dramatic reporting capability and streamlined processes. And using WorkRecords frees up the staffing supplier’s personnel to increase sales and service buyers more effectively.

  1. Does WorkRecords work for on-sites or master vendor relationships?

    Absolutely! WorkRecords smoothly facilitates the master vendor/sub-vendor ordering, time collection and approval, and invoicing processes for both the sub-vendor/master vendor relationship and the master vendor/buyer relationship.

    For those circumstances with multiple vendors but no master vendor, WorkRecords works well for all parties — the buyer and each vendor serving that buyer — for full processing and reporting.

  1. Which profile of WorkRecords customer drives more usage of WorkRecords — buyers or suppliers?


    Suppliers want to offer great service (reports) and efficiencies to all their customers, so they implement WorkRecords across their entire customer base. Full implementation streamlines their time collection processes — Mondays are no longer a weekly exercise in frustration where nagging customers for approved time cards is the norm!

    Buyers want to get the great reporting and streamlined processes of WorkRecords from all their suppliers, so they have all their suppliers use WorkRecords. The competitive advantage first goes to the supplier who initially brings WorkRecords to its buyer.

  1. How much does WorkRecords cost?

    WorkRecords is free to buyers and costs just $1.55 per worker per week to suppliers. That means only a few cents per hour for a 40-hour per week worker!

    As a web-based service provider, there is no software to buy with WorkRecords. There are no set-up fees or termination fees. Using WorkRecords service means you simply use your current personal computers to access the web.

  1. How can WorkRecords provide such superior benefits, yet be so inexpensive?

    The last few years have completely changed how great information is delivered. Examples are search engines like Google and Yahoo and shopping portals like Travelocity and Expedia.

    Along those same lines, WorkRecords is an extremely efficient, user-customized approach that yields tremendous information specific to each and every person accessing the service. WorkRecords was designed not only to provide buyers and suppliers with great reporting, streamlined processes, and seven-days-a-week web access, but also to provide those benefits at a very low cost.

  1. How fast can my company get set up with WorkRecords?

    For either a buyer or a supplier, WorkRecords can be implemented in as little as a few days to two weeks, depending on the complexity of your desired usage.

  1. How can the set-up of WorkRecords happen that fast?

    The WorkRecords platform is fully developed and is poised for customization to your needs. A WorkRecords representative will work with you to get your customization just right, and then you’re ready to go! And flexibility is built-in, so future adjustments are made easily.

    For both buyers and suppliers, this customization is not dependent upon the other parties to your staffing activity (e.g., your buyers, if you are the supplier). WorkRecords works independently for each user, yet integrates seamlessly.

  1. As a supplier, how much work will it be for me to provide reports to my buyers?

    Literally no work at all!

    WorkRecords is designed for self-serve reporting for both buyers and suppliers. The moment the buyer’s supervisor approves the time submitted for a contract worker, buyer personnel can access a number of key reports displayed in their customized language (e.g., locations, departments, job activities).

    Self-serve reporting by buyers is instantaneous, with reports being displayed within seconds. With a quick change of any or all customized input variables, a new report can be displayed within seconds. This can be done multiple times within each report, as the user hones in on a particular combination of important variables.

  1. What kind of buyer reports does WorkRecords produce?

    Generally, WorkRecords generates three profiles of reports:
    • Managerial and financial reports that help run the business;
    • Operations reports that help track and measure people; and
    • Accounting reports that support the back office.

    All of these reports are available to buyers in their company’s “language” of locations, expense codes, departments, job activities, shifts, etc.

  1. What kind of supplier reports does WorkRecords offer?

    WorkRecords focus for suppliers is about reporting that tracks time cards, people, invoices, and business profitability, by customer or location.

  1. What is WorkRecords’ approach to training?

    WorkRecords is designed for easy navigation from the very first use. Also, WorkRecords incorporates easy-to-understand on-screen tips and helps. The WorkRecords Client Support Center is available via a toll-free phone number here.

  1. Is WorkRecords owned by a staffing supplier?

    No, WorkRecords is an independent, privately-owned service provider. WorkRecords was developed and is led by a seasoned team of professionals with significant experience in the staffing industry and systems development.

  1. My company is a staffing vendor who wants to take WorkRecords to my buyer customers. What do we do?

    Contact us at WorkRecords will respond to you to address your opportunities with regards to implementing WorkRecords for you and your customers.

  1. My company buys contract labor from one or more staffing companies and is interested in using WorkRecords. What do we do?

    Contact us at WorkRecords will respond to you to address your opportunities with regards to implementing WorkRecords for your firm.

  1. How do I learn more about WorkRecords?

    Contact us at